“Miasma” Live-Session (2022)

Record Details

Miasma Live Session by HAVEN and BLCKSMTH



“MIASMA” is the opening track of our second EP “VESSEL” and – with 14 minutes in length – it is our longest song yet. One day our good friend and fellow musician BLCKSMTH offered us to add some of his signature electronic sounds and patterns, to enrich the soundscapes and overall atmosphere. And with his background in hardcore vocals, he could join in there, too.

We could not say “No” and therefore this alternative version of “MIASMA” was born. To manifest it even more, we decided to film a live studio session and turn it into a video, for you all to enjoy. So we hope you will!


  1. “Miasma” 00:14:06


Released February 25, 2022

Vocals Norman Siegel // Bass Sabrina Klewitz // Guitars Robert Kurth and Arne R. Teubel // Drums Sergey Mareyno /// Music by HAVEN & BLKSMTH /// Lyrics by Norman Siegel /// Recorded live, mixed and mastered by Alexander Khromov at Sonic Boom Studios in Berlin, 2021 /// Video filmed by Fabz Black // Video edited by Norman V. Haven // Cover Photography by Velizar Ivanov // Design and Additional Artwork by kollaps—he/artwork


An enourmous thank you to BLCKSMTH for his additional music and rework of the song and is performance in the live session! Another big kiss to Sascha for recording and Fabz for filming this!